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Sites We Save

Part of TPE's mission is to protect land with remnant prairies and savannas. We have so far protected over 35 sites totaling over 2,273 acres in Wisconsin and Northwest Illinois. Some of these protected lands are owned by TPE, and other lands have conservation easements on them. In addition, we also assist landowners of remnant prairies and savannas with the management and recovery of those sites.

Sites Owned by The Prairie Enthusiasts

Sites with Easements by The Prairie Enthusiasts

Site Name Acres State County Chapter
A to Z 276.0 WI Iowa ESC
Black Earth Rettenmund Prairie 16.2 WI Dane ESC
Borah Creek Prairie 138.0 WI Grant SWC
Briggs Wetland 23.9 WI Rock PBC
Bush Clover Prairie 2.7 WI Grant SWC
Butenhoff Prairie 19.6 WI Green PBC
Double Oak Savanna . WI . SWC
Eldred Prairie 45.0 WI Grant SWC
Elmoville Prairie 3.0 IL JoDaviess NIPE
Erbe Grasslands 99.0 WI Dane ESC
Foxglove Savanna 10.5 WI Sauk ESC
Gasser Sand Barren 3.0 WI Sauk ESC
Hanley Savanna 109.9 IL JoDaviess NIPE
Iltis Savanna 22.0 WI Green PBC
Kalscheur Savanna 19.0 WI Iowa ESC
Military Ridge Prairie Heritage Area . WI . .
Pleasant Valley Conservancy 37.0 WI Dane ESC
Roberts Prairie 44.0 IL JoDaviess NIPE
Schluckebier Sand Prairie (1) 14.3 WI Sauk ESC
Schluckebier Sand Prairie (2) 8.4 WI Sauk ESC
Schurch-Thomson 193.0 WI Iowa ESC
Shea Prairie 63.0 WI Iowa ESC
Smith-Reiner Drumlin 40.0 WI Dane ESC
Sugar River Savanna 9.0 WI Dane ESC
Thomas Tract 180.0 WI Iowa ESC
Thomas Wet Prairie 13.6 WI Grant SWC
Vale Prairie 16.1 WI Green PBC
Site Name Acres State County Chapter
Big Hill 72.2 WI Iowa ESC
Everham (Hollandale) 72.2 WI Iowa SWC
Goplin 30.0 WI Dane ESC
Kelly 157.5 WI Dane ESC
Layton 163.4 WI Rock PBC
Lone Tree Prairie 65.2 IL JoDaviess NIPE
Pleasant Valley Conservancy (Brocks) 106.2 WI Dane ESC
Pleasure Valley Conservancy (Wade) 131.0 WI Dane ESC
Sime Tract 36.5 WI Grant SWC
Wade Conservation Easement 78.0 WI Dane ESC
West Dane Conservancy Easement (Steege-Euclide) 135.0 WI Dane ESC

Here is an example of how TPE is assisting a landowner at Underwood Prairie in the Military Ridge Prairie Heritage Area.

Interactive map of TPE sites that we own, have easements on, or have agreements to manage.

Hunting on TPE preserves is restricted to only certain properties.

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