Equipment for sale

TPE tank and pump – $200

50-gallon poly water tank with 30 feet of heavy duty 5/8 inch garden hose.  The Honda pump is a WX15 model (parts are readily available).  The unit is mounted on plywood and was built in 2011.  It was used annually until 2023 on 2–4 prescribed burns a year.  The unit is in good working order (video available) and can be demonstrated before you purchase.

TPE herbicide sprayers – $45 each

Both types of sprayers were used to foliar spray Garlon herbicide on invasive brush (mostly buckthorn) resprouts.  The sprayers were thoroughly cleaned after each use.

SOLO 425 model 4-gallon sprayer (cone pattern nozzle) with adjustable pressure settings.  We have three of these sprayers for sale.

SP Systems EK 484 – 4-gallon sprayer (cone pattern nozzle).  This unit is a couple of years older than the Solo sprayers but is of heavier duty construction.  We have one available for sale.