Protecting our Natural Heritage


Become an Enthusiast

There are many ways to be a Prairie Enthusiast! Through membership, donating, volunteering, planned giving and protecting private land, everyone in the Upper Midwest can help save the landscapes we love.

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Photo credit: Eric Preston

Restore and protect

Wide open prairies and oak savannas once covered the Upper Midwest. Today, only a tiny fraction of these fire-dependent ecosystems remain. Prairie habitats are some of the most unique on Earth, home to many specialized and endangered species. Our community works hard to protect and manage these complex natural areas, and teach our neighbors why they matter.

Photo credit: Eric Preston

Find your chapter

The Prairie Enthusiasts is made up of 11 chapters across Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota. All chapters are funded by our generous members and donors, supported by a small-yet-mighty staff, and run by volunteers. Each chapter designs its own projects and events based on local land needs and opportunities. New chapter members of all ages are always welcome!

Photo credit: Eric Preston

Gather together

Every year, Prairie Enthusiast members across the Upper Midwest gather together for some very special events. Local chapters host field trips, work parties and workshops. All members are invited to celebrate the land at our annual picnic. And we host online events, including the TPE Virtual Conference, to learn from each other and make regional conservation progress from miles apart.