Minnesota Driftless Sites

Pleasant Bluff

The Pleasant Bluff site overlooks Pleasant Valley just outside of Winona, MN and the MD TPE has assisted with restoration work there during the past two winters.

In addition to the prairie flora at the site, participants can enjoy breath-taking views of the Mississippi River Valley, adjacent bluffs, and Winona, MN from the top of the bluff. Additionally, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Professor Emeritus Jim Theler will be with us to share his expertise about two Driftless Region subjects: pre-Columbian archaeology and terrestrial snails of goat prairies.


From the Homer Road (CR 15) on the southeast edge of Winona, turn south on Pleasant Ridge Road (CR 25). Pleasant Ridge Road turns east and runs along the base (south side) of the bluff prairie where the work will be conducted – park safely on the side of the road at the base of the bluff. Use the following web address to see the site in Google Maps: