Makutu Herbicide Stick Applicator

The Makutu herbicide applicator is available in two sizes:  50 inches and 25 inches.

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For a downloadable instruction sheet on this tool, click HERE.


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The Makutu (derived from the Maori term for a magic that kills) Herbicide Wand is a tool that contains herbicide within a reservoir. A valve controls the flow of herbicide from the reservoir to the wick assembly. When used according to the instructions, the Makutu:

  • Makes very efficient use of herbicide;
  • Will not drip, causing collateral damage;
  • Minimizes the likelihood of herbicide coming into direct contact with the skin of the user.

It is designed to apply herbicide to cut stems and stumps of woody vegetation but may also be used for basal bark applications and for spot-treating basal rosettes of plants such as teasel, Canada thistle, and spotted knapweed.

The Makutu is sturdy and its wick is durable and both inexpensive and easy to replace.


The Makutu now comes in a heavy duty model—for applying herbicides and basal oils/penetrants that contain esters (solvents). It employs a brass gas ball valve.

Rinsing your Makutu to change herbicides raises concerns about disposal of the contents in an environmentally safe manner.


The Makutu comes in two lengths:

  • Long—about 50/51 inches with a 1-1/2 inch diameter wick. It can hold up to 24 oz. of fluid
  • Short—about 25/26 inches overall with a 1 inch diameter wick. It can hold up to 8 oz. of fluid. Designed for one-handed operation when using a hand pruner.

Sticks are shipped from or picked up in SE Wisconsin (Glacial Prairie Chapter area).

To learn more about the Makutu standard wand assembly and instructions, click HERE.

To learn more about the Makutu heavy duty wand assembly and instructions, click HERE.