Moth Close-up


Blacklighting at Blueberry Hill

Come help us celebrate National Moth Week (July 22-30) at Blueberry Hill on the evening of Tuesday, July 25.

We will put out black lights and a sheet to attract moths. Our goal is to start a list of moth species that occur in the prairie remnant and nearby established prairie.

We also hope to attract the rare Lead Plant Flower Moth, recently photographed on the prairie remnant. Learn about moths and insects in general that are attracted to black lights.

We will have the sheet and lights in place by 7:30 pm. Sunset will be 8:46 pm. We will keep the setup going until midnight. Alternative date in case of rain: July 26.

Bring flashlight or headlamp (best), camera and flash if you wish to photograph. Also bring a refreshment.

Date: July 25 (Tuesday)
Time: 7:30 pm — midnight (leave when you want)
Location: 2900 Quant Ave N, West Lakeland Township, MN

Directions to Blueberry:
Site is located just south of Bayport, Minnesota, at the intersection of Quant Ave and MN Hwy 95.
2900 Quant Ave. N, West Lakeland Township
The entrance is just across the highway from Sharp Auto parts.

Note: Alternative date in case of rain: July 26.

The event is finished.


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