Savanna Restoration in Goodhue County

Saturday, March 25th, 2023 (12:00-3:00)

Bill and Paula Gregg are hoping fellow prairie enthusiasts will help with their ongoing savanna restoration efforts. Many of you will remember a work day at their farm was scheduled for November of 2022, but it had to be cancelled because of bad weather. Thankfully, they’re giving us another chance to gather and do good work!

The work will involve using hand tools (i.e., loppers) and herbicide to attack buckthorn, honeysuckle, and other undesirable woody growth on the bluff savanna at the Gregg’s farm. Bill has two sprayers and a Makuta dauber for herbicide application, and more herbicide mix if we need it. Much of the terrain is very steep, so volunteers need good work boots as well as gloves, long sleeves, hats, and eye protection. Bring loppers or hand saws if you have them as well as water or other hydrating liquids. Finally, if the weather is relatively warm it wouldn’t be surprising if ticks would be out and about, so bring your bug spray or take other appropriate measures.

While the focus of the work day will be on the last bit of buckthorn on the bluff’s steep slope, buckthorn can also be removed from some gentler terrain adjacent to the restoration site. People who are unable to traverse steep slopes but would still like to help could work on these adjacent areas.

Bill estimates the restoration site needs about 20 people-hours of work to complete the job, less if he’s able to spend more time on it between now and March 25th. Either way, there’s a good chance MD TPE will be able to strike the final blow to buckthorn at this site during the March 25th workday!

And not that any of you need motivation to show up and help, but Paula Gregg will provide a pot of chile and corn bread that will help energize the volunteers!

The address for the Gregg’s farm is 13157 315th Street, Cannon Falls, MN 55009 and the embedded link will take you to Google Maps.

Be sure to RSVP by sending Bill an email (bgreggargyle@gmail.com) so he knows how many people to expect and Paula knows how much chili and cornbread to make. Another important reason to RSVP is so you’ll know if the event is cancelled for any reason. And feel free to send an email to Bill if you have any questions.

The event is finished.


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