Chainsaw Safety – SAWW 1

Wednesday, June 21st – 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Location: Prairie Crossing Park

The Minnesota Driftless chapter of TPE is sponsoring a chainsaw safety training course on Wednesday, June 21st, that will be free for Minnesota Driftless chapter members but non-members are also welcome to register.  We haven’t yet decided on a final strategy for incorporating non-members, but it will likely involve the following: (1) MD TPE members will be given first preference and if enough MD TPE members are interested, then the course might be filled to capacity with only MD TPE members; (2) people who aren’t MD TPE members would be put on a waiting list to see if there are openings after all interested MD TPE members have registered; (3) if openings are available for non-MD TPE members, the course will be free for them if they are a member of another TPE chapter or just a TPE member without a primary chapter affiliation; (4) for people who are interested in registering but aren’t a member of TPE at all, we would require they join TPE to become a member, and then they can attend the course for free.  NOTE – these are preliminary strategies and they may change as we further plan for this course.

The instructor is Luke Saunders, formerly of Adaptive Restorations but now with his own company, Blue Heron Stewardship.

The course is certified through the Safety and Woods Working (SAWW) training
program and is part of a four-level series designed to increase safety and efficiency
of chainsaw use.

Participants in Level 1 training (this course) will spend part of the morning in the classroom, and at least 5 hours outside practicing techniques to operate chainsaws safely, comfortably and productively.

Topics covered include personal protective equipment (PPE), body mechanics, chainsaw safety features, the chain and the cutter tooth, reactive forces, planning and executing tree felling, and an intro to limbing and bucking. Level I introduces the participant to bore cutting and open face felling, and develops the mechanics to execute these techniques. Hands-on training gives participants the opportunity to fell or limb at least one tree.

Everyone should bring a helmet, chaps, eye protection, ear protection, gloves and boots. Participants who don’t have these items should make every effort to borrow them from someone they know. We can provide a limited number of these items for those who can’t bring them, but our supply of extras is limited.

Also, bring water (or containers you can fill with tap water) and/or other hydration fluids, sunscreen and bug dope. Lunch will be provided and it will likely be pizza.


Free for members of The Prairie Enthusiasts but non-members are welcome to register as well. As this is a Minnesota Driftless Chapter Event, those who are TPE members and within the Minnesota Driftless region will get first priority to attend.


To register or inquire about registering including event location, email Bill Gregg (EMAIL) and tell him the following:

—- Whether or not you are a TPE member. If you’re not, you don’t need to respond to the following things.

—- Whether or not your primary TPE chapter affiliation is with the Minnesota Driftless Chapter of TPE. If it is, you don’t need to respond to the following thing.

—- If your primary TPE chapter affiliation is with another chapter, please indicate what that chapter is.  Or, if you are a TPE member without a primary chapter affiliation, state that.

If you have a question about your TPE membership, please send an email to Steve Winter (wintersl8944@gmail.com) and he’ll help out with that.


Photo Credit: Roberta Bumann

The event is finished.


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